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Minh Lan Tran (b. Hong Kong, 1997) lives and works in London. 

She studied Art History at the Ecole du Louvre, Paris (2014–17) and the University of Oxford (2017–19). She holds an MA in Byzantine studies and visual theology from the Courtaud Institute of Art, London (2020) and an MA in Painting from The Royal College of Art, London (2021-2023).



Paris International, Paris, Jan Kaps (group show with Jean-Marie Appriou, Berenice Olmedo and Rasha Omar)

House, Berlin, 'Very Friendly' curated by Agnes Gryczkowska (group show with Adam Alessi, Davide Allieri, Angélique Aubrit & Ludovic Beillard,
Darja Bajagić, Blackhaine, Allen-Golder Carpenter, Romeo Castellucci,
Maggie Dunlap, Adam Gordon, Anne Imhof, Jack Kennedy, Sibylle Ruppert
Throbbing Gristle, Rosemarie Trockel, Mauro Ventura)

Jan Kaps, Cologne, 'Space of Resistance' (solo show)

Art Basel, Basel, Jan Kaps (group show with Jean-Marie Appriou, Kenneth Bergfeld, Melike Kara, Kreziah Mukwazhi, Berenice Olmedo, Tobias Spichtig) 

Royal College of Art, London, MA degree show, Truman Brewery

Harlesden High street, London, 'Heat Generation' (solo show)

Museum of the Home, London, performance 'Heat Generation (Prayer)' in collaboration with Lena Hetzel

Museum of the Home, London, 'No Place Like Home (A Vietnamese Exhibition) (group show)

Jan Kaps, Cologne, '13 for Luck', (group show with The Gvetadze, Tanya Lukin, Linklater, Amok K. Patil, Mark von Schlegell and And Ziqi Zhang)   



ZÉRUÌ, London. Manifestation (group show) 

Soho Revue, London. RAW (Royal College of Art WIP show)

Nicoletti Contemporary, London. “Somewhere I have never travelled, gladly beyond” (duo show with Evelina Hagglünd) curated by Camille Houzé.


Royal College of Art, London. Wip show (group show)

House of Annetta, London. Deviations (group show), curated by Edmond Brooks Beckman

San Mei Gallery, London. Pending (group show) curated by Ludovica Bulciolu 

Lucrèce Residency, Yordas Cave, UK 




Sadie Coles HQ, London 'Heat Generation (Prayer) 3'

Museum of the Home, London, performance 'Heat Generation (Prayer) 2' as part of the performance programme for the Vietnamese exhibition 'No Place Like Home'

Up Project for London Gallery Weekend, London, performance programme, performance 'Heat generation (Prayer) 1' in collaboration with Lena Hetzel, St James Church Piccadilly, Peckham square, Hoxton square



Mousse Magazine

The Art Newspaper


Interview with Rhiannon Harper and Evelina Hagglünd

Text by Fabrizio Donini Ferretti

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